Sun Cat Nationals Participants, please check the list to make sure your name appears.

Racing in the Sun Cat Class:

Dennis M (2 people)
Michael J (2)
Scott W (1)
Steve J (2)
Butch E (2)
Craig D (2)
Don N (1)
Dick K (2)
Jib T (1)

Honored Sun Cat Class Alumni Auditing the Race:

Paul S (1)
Charlie M (2)

We look forward to seeing you all this weekend! That makes 15 people racing on 8 boats in the Sun Cat Class, since Steve J is not bringing his boat this year and plans to trim the jib for someone instead. I am working to round up another Sun Cat or two by this weekend, but we are already one of the largest racing classes on Charlotte Harbor, so the Regatta is already achieving the primary goal of amusing me!

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