These are the most important maps you’ll need. Saturday night’s cookout will be held at the property of the Head Jib Trimmer in Charge (hereinafter known as the HJTIC). Sunday afternoon’s awards ceremony will be held at Ponce Park.

  • Port Charlotte Beach Complex. There’s a parking fee of $0.75 per hour.
  • Property of the HJTIC. Plenty of parking is available for your vehicle, trailer, etc. We have space for you to pitch your tent, if you would like to stay on site. From here, you can reach a boat ramp where Sun Cats can be launched without leaving the property, or it’s a short drive into town if you prefer to launch at a “real” ramp.
  • Private boat ramp on Shell Creek. Sun Cats can be launched here at medium to high tides. Shell Creek feeds down to the Peace River and out into Charlotte Harbor.
  • Laishley Marina & Boat Ramp in Punta Gorda. There are several hotels and restaurants within walking distance, including the wonderful Crab House right at the marina itself.
  • Ponce de Leon Park & Boat Ramp. When we launch in town, we split about evenly between Ponce and Laishley, with occasional forays across the river to launch at the Charlotte Harbor Beach Complex.