We will meet at our place (see map to the property of the HJTIC in sidebar) on Friday night for our usual skipper’s meeting. I haven’t talked to Tom Scott yet, so I’m not sure whether there will be any actual skipper-type talk or just some drinking and socializing. Come around 5:30-6. We will not be serving dinner, but sometimes the party moves on to a restaurant for those inclined.

On Saturday, we will be racing with the Portsmouth Winter Series fleet from the Charlotte Harbor Community Sailing Center. Dennis Peck, who runs the Center, has agreed to give us a separate start for the Sun Cat Class, and we may run a different race course as well. Racing will start around 10:30-11 am, or whenever all boats and some wind show up.

Saturday evening, we will have the Awards Ceremony at our neighbor’s restaurant around 7 pm. They will have wings, meatballs, veggies and dip for us.

Costs: $10 per boat entry fee to the Sailing Center for running the races, $10 per person to the restaurant for the munchies. You can pay me in advance and I will pass the money along, or just pay on-site at the Beach Complex and restaurant.

Dale mentioned on the Com-Pac Yacht Owners’ Forum that he has made three stained glass Sun Cat trophies for the Awards Ceremony, so we have something better than a plastic cup with my handwritten scrawl on it.

I don’t know if the registration form on this site is currently working and don’t plan to ask Sonja. She’s busy right now. If you want to register, do it on the Sailing Center site, but it’s not required. Please do something to let me know whether you are coming, just so I can tell Dennis how many to expect for racing and Necole how many to expect at her restaurant. Do it via the contact form on this site or by posting on one of the forums, the sooner the better! Thanks, and looking forward to seeing everyone again!

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