With just a couple of days to go, it looks like we will have at least 6 Sun Cats vying for that National Championship cup, as well as a couple of bigger catboats. The list as I know it, and apologies in advance if I forgot anyone or got this wrong. I’m just a jib trimmer!

Confirmed Sun Cats:
Wily Conch – our Sun Cat
Catnip – Butch and crew
Frisky – Don N and crew
Sandpiper – Larry & Bob
Odd Duck – Dennis and crew
Sanura – Paul S

Possible Sun Cats:
KrazyKat – Linda L, still uncertain
Joe’s Sun Cat, if we can find it crew, such as Craig & Betty Ann…

Other boats:
Good Juju – Charlie & Isy’s Horizon Cat
Whimsy – Our race committee Morgan 30
Sea Ya – Our 15′ Whaler

So we could have as many as 8 Sun Cats plus a future National Champion Horizon Cat on Charlotte Harbor this weekend! The weather looks like it will be great! Can’t wait! 😀

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