Attention Sun Cat Nationals participants and hangers-on! We have decided to hold our welcoming party/skipper’s meeting on Friday AND the Sun Cat Nationals Awards Dinner on Saturday night at Ryan’s Subs & Sports Grill on US 17 in Cleveland.

Our large, main dog, Libby, is recovering from knee surgery and we are concerned that having a party in the yard will be too much excitement for her. If we lock her inside, she’ll go nuts. If we bring her out, even on a leash, she’s going to want to jump around. The doctor says NO JUMPING AROUND!

The schedule:

Friday night skipper’s meeting and cocktails starting around 4:30 pm. Tom Scott will inform us of racing plans, starting times, location, rules about impact between vessels, etc.

Saturday night we will reconvene at Ryan’s at 6 pm for dinner and the awards ceremony. We hope that previous National Champion Scott will be able to bring the coveted trophy, but if he can’t make it, I will scrawl something on a disposable plastic cup and that will be the coveted trophy.

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