2012 Nationals Skippers' Meeting

2012 Nationals Skippers’ Meeting

We will have 7 Sun Cats competing in the Nationals this year, including the five mentioned in the previous post plus late entries from Indy Anna and old Sun Cat #8. Also sailing with us will be former Sun Catter Paul in his new-to-him old Com-Pac 16.

It was nice to see familiar faces and meet a couple of new participants last night at the welcoming party. Tom Scott handed out a small “cheat sheet” for all the boats, depicting the course on one side and the starting procedure on the other. He also emphasized that NO ONE should hit Whimsy for ANY REASON.

Although we generally discard a lot of the Racing Rules of Sailing for the Sun Cat Nationals, one traditional rule is being kept: the committee boat includes anything that might be tied to the committee boat, such as a 15′ Whaler belonging to the Head Jib Trimmer In Charge.

After Tom explained the race to everyone, we all headed down to the creek to watch the sunset, then over to my neighbor’s restaurant for some dinner. Nice night!

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